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ECOAER / Synwer Full Adhesive Plasterable Window tape 200mm

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Synergie Full Adhesive Window Tape is a white, multi-layered (PET.PA) thermobonded tape with a high performance, moisture resistant, acrylic coating.

We stock the product in four widths; 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. The tape has an Sd value, Sd 20, which protects against condensation. The tape backing has full adhesive and comes with split finger lift liners. The tape is ideal for laying at the joints between frames and walls to guarantee airtightness (internal) and wind-tightness (external).

The surface of the tape has been designed to be plastered over, where required.

Application; Identify the surfaces to be sealed, making sure all surfaces are dry and free from dust and grease.

We recommend the use of Synergie Spray Primer on porous surfaces. After cutting the tape to the desired length, remove the 12mm protective liner from the acrylic adhesive tape, apply the adhesive surface to the border of the window/door frame and press firmly with the Pressing Roller along the entire surface of the adhesive tape so that the glue bonds properly. Then remove the other split liners and place the adhesive side on the surface of the wall and press firmly with the roller along the entire surface of the adhesive tape so that the glue bonds properly.  

Be extra careful to ensure you get a full bond to the substrate along the length and across the width of the adhesive tape, and that the tape lies fully flat along the substrate.

If the substrate is uneven, particularly rough blockwork, then we recommend that any gaps that exist between the tape and the substrate are filled with a bead of Synergie adhesive paste, gently pressed down, to fill these gaps.

Once the tape is fully bonded to the substrate it can be plastered over.

Important factors to be considered when choosing an adhesive tape;

  • Temperature: the adhesives on the tape form an immediate bond but develop their maximum strength over a period of 24 hours. The minimum temperature required for the adhesive to form an immediate minimum adhesive bond is -10 degrees C. Therefore, the lower the temperature the slower the immediate bonding reaction. Once the tape has been applied the process will develop its maximum adhesive bond as the temperature rises.
  • Cleaning the Surface: it is essential that the surface to be adhered to is clean and dry, since any residues of water, humidity, frost, grease, dust or dirt will prevent the adhesive tape from adhering to the surface. Damp and/or dusty substrates can play havoc during the installation phase. After the substrate has been thoroughly cleaned (brushed down) the dry substrate can be stabilized using Synergie Spray Primer, allowed to dry, so that the adhesive tape can be successfully applied.
  • Pressing on the adhesive Tape: another essential factor for the perfect adhesion to the surface is to press on the adhesive tape after it has been laid; the more you press on the tape the more the acrylic glue penetrates the fibres of the membrane or the pores of the surfaces to be sealed, increasing its immediate adhesive strength and its strength over time. For best results, using the Pressing Roller for laying the tapes, is recommended.
More Information
Length 25m
Width 150mm
Thickness 0.60mm
Total Weight 400 g/m2
Type Window Tapes
Material PA Foil-PET
UV resistance 3 months
Water Vapour Sd value 20m
Self Adhesive Yes
Fingerlift function Yes
Plasterable Yes
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