What is the MEV unit

In a modern energy-efficient building we need ventilation. Not because this is the law, but because we need a healthy indoor environment to live a happy and healthy life. An MEV unit (Mechanical Extract Ventilation) extracts the polluted air from the wet rooms such as kitchen, WC, bathrooms, and utility rooms. The fresh air enters the living (habitable) rooms and bedrooms via trickle vent. We suggest using filter trickle vents if you live in a polluted area. MEV systems do not recover the heat, but in some cases, they can be as energy efficient as a heat recovery unit. Yes we know it sounds impossible, contact us for more information.

Why choose an MEV unit.

Everybody needs a different ventilation system, depending on the project details. MEV ventilation is ideal for renovation projects, where it`s a challenge to install ducting, but having said that, MEV has it's place in new build homes as well. Some type of MEV units, like our i-MEV range can consume less energy than the MVHR system. Our buildings become increasingly airtight, with better insulation, better windows better building methods, but this means the pollution we “produce” is trapped inside. We are on a good course to improving our buildings but, with this, we have created another problem and this is bad Indoor Air Quality. Many of these pollutants cause health problems or even damage our buildings. MEV units improve Indoor Air Quality, our i-MEV range detect pollution and reduce ventilation if the IAQ in at home is great, saving energy, lowering the noise of the systems. We can detect humidity or Co2 or even VOC and smell. It`s important to have a clean fresh supply air, i-ventilation offers for our MEV and i-MEV range the only filtered trickle vent with PM2.5 filter.

What kind of MEV units we offer

Decentralised MEV units

Decentralised MEV is similar to an intermediate bathroom fan but they are running continuously on a low rate. Many of them have sensors to detect humidity increase. They are ideal for renovation, replacing existing bathroom fans or if we have difficulties in installing the ducting to a room or for holiday homes. They are installed through the walls. Single room MEV units look like a bathroom fan, but most of the time with better controls and lower noise levels.

Centralised MEV units

This whole house centralised system is installed in the attic, technical room or utility room and it`s ducted to the kitchen, WC, bathroom, utility room. This means you have less ducting that you need to install. Fresh air is provided to the habitable rooms & bedrooms via trickle vents and they can be even equipped with a filter. The MEV is powered in a central location so you don’t need power in the wet rooms. MEV units can be simple units with few speed options and with a boost switch or a constant pressure units detecting the humidity in the wet rooms or even more advanced units like our i-MEV range

Centralised i-MEV units

i-ventilation believes in demand-controlled systems. In the 21st century, we have AI and sensor technology to improve the average systems to become something better. Our i-MEV range detects pollution such as humidity, Co2, VOC, smell. This means our range of whole-house i-MEV systems use less energy, they are more efficient and they are less noisy. In other words, they are simply better.