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Valve connection kit for 92mm duct including ceiling valve

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€49.89 €40.56

Valve connection kit for 75mm duct including ceiling valve

The kit includes:

Product Code* Description Quantity
400470408 Hybalans+ Manifold Connector 92 1.00
400470409 Hybalans+ Restriction ring 1.00
400480616 Hybalans+ Valve connection 125 92 90deg 1.00
400470418 Hybalans+ Supply/Extract air valve Disc 1.00

This kit is suitable for the 92mm ducting kits.

Flawless transition to a healthy indoor climateThis kit is suitable for the 75mm ducting kits. 

Hybalans+ from Burgerhout is a revolutionary air distribution system for all ventilation problems. It is easy to design and to assemble, and unfailingly provides superior well-ventilated comfort that will last. Hybalans+ has nothing but advantages to offer commissioners of work, architects, advisors and fitters. Now available in three different versions!

Five unique advantages

1. Maximum freedom of design and flexibility

  • Modular system: the manageable number of components takes the hassle out of designing widely varying air distribution systems.
  • Unbelievably flexible: changes can easily be implemented into the design to accommodate changes made to the building, without sacrificing quality.

2. Maximum comfort from all types of ventilation systems

  • Comfort assured: the simplicity of the system ensures perfectly regulated air distribution and a healthy indoor climate.
  • No draughts: special inlet air valves provide a gentle flow of fresh air.
  • No acoustic transference: keeping the ducts for each room separate eliminates ムcross-talkï¾’.
  • Exceptionally quiet: thanks to the acoustic dampers in the air distribution manifolds and the smooth plastic connections.

3. Energy-efficient and durable

  • Aerodynamic design: minimum ventilator power requirement, thanks to revolutionary low air resistance, means super energy efficiency.
  • Durable quality: smart, computer-aided design provides optimum air circulation through the entire system, ensuring constant high quality.

4. Time-saving assembly

  • Quick and easy assembly - no tools, no adhesives: thanks to snap connectors between the air distribution manifold, the flexible ducting and the air valves.
  • No modifications needed: the floor retains its structural integrity, it does not usually need to be disturbed even when two ducts must cross.
  • No post-assembly adjustment of air valves necessary: just fit the correct size of restriction ring as indicated by the Hybalans+ calculator on

5. Minimum maintenance costs

  • Very little maintenance required: intelligent design prevents fouling of ducting and loss of pressure.
  • Easy to clean: air valves and ducts can easily be cleaned, without the risk of disturbing adjustment settings; no unexpected extra costs.
  • Limited number of components: practical benefits for stock management, transport and assembly.
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Duct Diameter 92
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