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Renson Sense IAQ Monitor

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Due the high demand this product is available in 2021 March!

Renson Sense, measures air quality and much more

The Sense monitors the CO2 content in the air in our homes.
The device indicates when the air quality is poor and when action must be taken.

  • Blue means good indoor air quality
  • Orange means some action should be taken
  • Red means poor, unhealthy indoor air quality

But the Renson Sense is much more than a CO2 meter.

The device also monitors humidity, VOC (volatile organic compounds) such as odors,chemicals, noise, temperature and light.

  • Smart, clean design for a healthy environment
  • Precisely measures the air quality in each room and provides instant clear and visual feedback
  • The smartphone app displays the current result and the history of the air quality in our home.
  • Sensors: relative humidity, temperature, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) - odor CO2, light and noise.
  • Automatic calibration

Where are these sensors used

Sense is designed for measuring the air quality in offices, classrooms, hospitals, conference rooms, laboratories, cinemas, theaters, etc. With a compact and modern design, the device can be easily installed in any room.

How does the Renson Sense work?

The Renson Sense constantly measures the CO2 content in the room where it is located and visually indicates when the air quality is poor and when action must be taken. Thanks to the Sense, you now have an objective tool that indicates how healthy or unhealthy the space you are in is.

Blue: CO2 concentration <800 ppm. The air quality is good. Keep it like that!

Orange: CO2 concentration between 800 ppm and 1200 ppm. Watch out, the air quality is getting worse, think about how you can improve it.

Red: CO2 concentration> 1200 ppm. The air quality is bad, time to act.

What else does the Renson Sense monitor?

The Sense is much more than a classic CO2 meter.
And fortunately, because these parameters also plays a key role for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in the home or office:

- light
- Sound
- Moisture
- Temperature
- Odors
- CO2

How to install

The sensors are supplied with a mains adapter on 220v.
You just have to put it in the socket and the device will start measuring.
The Sense can be mounted upright or against the wall.
If you also have a WiFi connection available, you can monitor the measurements via a free App


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